Hi and welcome to our website dedicated to driver training. We aim to deliver the best experience, most educational and relaxed learning for our readers. The main aim of our service is to produce the ablest, safest drivers in the UK.

What are the obstacles of passing your driving test?

Well, first things first. That’s learning how to drive. After this, it’s getting an actual driving test. We have a good relationship with SpeedyTests who get driving test cancellations – so our readers won’t have to wait quite as long – contact us and I will try and sort something out for you. Alternatively, you can look yourself on the GOV.UK website.

 Reasons to use our service:

  • Our driving tutorials are only online, and totally free. You will still need to hire a driving instructor. You can do this on the GOV.UK website.
  • We have years of knowledge in the industry
  • No pressure approach to our learning

Why should you learn how to drive?

Whether you are a young adult, mature adult – or even a pensioner, getting your driving license will be truly invaluable. Having the freedom to go wherever, whenever, with whoever is a fantastic feeling. No more public transport, no more being a burden to your friends. Just – freedom. We recommend finding a fully qualified approved driving instructor in your area – and also, keep visiting our website to keep up with our latest tutorials – if you have any requests of any tutorials, in particular, contact me.

What will we teach in our driving tutorials?

We will teach everything from start to finish. From how to start the car, to how to go the toughest of round about’s. One of the most searched terms in the automotive industry on Google, is “Parallel parking” and this is due to the amount of learners AND people who hold a full driving licence, still looking for tips on how to improve. This is because it’s a very tricky manoeuvre, which actually happens to be my favourite.

Important information

Well, firstly, having the DVSA contact number would be a good place to start. You can call them on: 0300 200 1122.

I have been having people contact me recently asking when the tutorials will be made. I am currently working on it, but, as you can appreciate, I’m very busy – but rest assured, I will be uploading some informative driving tips very soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

How to find a good instructor

Well, this seems like a simple question – but it’s a tough one. Please note that you will still need a practical driving instructor. My service is just a visual, freebie bonus to observe with. So, reminding and instructor: RECOMMENDATION. I REPEAT, RECOMMENDATION. Nothing, at all, beats this – find a friend who has recently passed their driving test, if their instructor was good! Guess what?! Give them a try.


Tutorials will be coming in the coming months.