What is unique about our driving tutorials?

This is simple, we have found a gap in the market. There is plenty of blogs which help learner drivers, like driving test tips, but we haven’t found many video based tutorials on the internet. We feel the most important thing in learning to drive, is practical learning with your driving instructor, but second to this would be to watch practical videos, third best would then be written blogs to enable you to book your driving test and then execute it with absolute confidence.

So what is our plan?

We are going to upload driving videos – our readers can give us feedback on things they’re concerned about. And we’ll create a video on their concerns – simple. This way, you can pause, repeat, watch again… or even exit the page if you don’t like our methods.

How can we help you?

We can give our advice, and teach you in a calm environment (your sofa at home), everyone learns differently. And, learning in the comfort of your own home is ideal for some people. We have years of experience in the industry. We have contacts with companies who can get you an earlier driving test, put you in touch with the best instructors, recommend the best theory training providers – whether it’s free, or paid. Experience is everything, and we have this in abundance.

I want to to see a driving tutorial doing ____, how can I ask for this?

You can do this by getting in touch, we will do our best to reply as soon as possible. Please bare in mind we haven’t started making the tutorials yet. We have just got our website ready beforehand to prepare. But, ideas are always welcome. Please, throw them our way! We would be glad to hear from you! For more information in the meantime, go onto the DVSA website. They are a good organisation, just, to our knowledge don’t provide video tutorials.